The three words I live by are Live, Laugh and Learn. LIVE your life. You have the power within yourself to create experiences that truly bring you joy. LAUGH as much as you possibly can. One of the most beautiful sights in this world is to see someone smiling and laughing. Keep LEARNing all the time. Learning is the purest way to continuously grow, develop and transform yourself into the person you want to be!


Though it seems easy to do, sometimes

we don’t believe that we are strong, worthy or capable enough to experience the life we want. Do not let your past failures or successes define who you are. It is time that you stop counting yourself out and start cheering yourself on. As your coach, I commit to serving you as you become the best version of yourself. Understand that you have the power that you seek. We will transform you into the Super You, you were always created to be.


The one power that could help you face this world lays dormant in you, and together, we can put it into action.

I’m Hollis Kam, a certified life, leadership and body empowerment coach. My superpower is helping others to release their power within. Get ready to embark on a mission of change.



“I found out that I have a life outside of my kids. I was so consumed with everything about them that I forgot about myself completely. With this project, Hollis helped me to realize that I was important too and I mattered. What impacted me the most, was learning that by taking care of me first I'm able to be an even stronger mom for my girls.”

—  Wendy


As a Human Resources professional, for the past 15+ years, I have created the space and opportunity for people to ignite their most productive selves. I have worked to energize nonprofits, company/community leaders and entrepreneurs in guiding in strategic planning, organizational development and professional growth. I also facilitated trainings at dozens of organizations to strengthen leaders in their commitment to growing.


Dedicated to shining a light on the voices and stories of others has brought me to the nonprofit boards of the Audre Lorde Project, Camara Dance Unlimited and the Professional Performing Arts School. For 7 years I served students as an adjunct instructor of the College of New Rochelle. However, it is the education I have gained from New York University, Le Moyne College and from the Coaching Training Institute, one of the world’s oldest coaching universities, that has continuously allowed me to help others shine a light on their own paths.


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