The Confidence Formula










Let's make this clear...

...you are capable of breaking past the limitations you create before yourself. Working together, we will not only dismantle their power over you but learn how to use tactics that will strengthen your steps up the corporate ladder. You will uncover how to WORK BOLDLY!

Maybe it's that corner office view, the new title that presents you as an authority or that pay increase that will make buying that home for your kids a possibility.  Whatever it is, whatever your "why" for wanting to level up to the C-Suite -- let that feed you more than your doubts do. 

I'm Hollis Kam, a certified coach and a Human Resources executive with nearly 20 years of experience climbing and helping others climb the corporate ladder. I have worked with, mentored, promoted and coached women from mid-level to senior positions. Throughout the years, I have learned that a major part of a person's success depends on how they use what they've learned and almost anything can be taught; the skill of confidence included. 

You are capable of breaking past the

limitations you create before yourself.

A program designed to put women in the

C-Suite of the business world.

A weekend intensive to bring out the more Boldly You.

Be Boldly!

Are you a mid-level manager wanting to be promoted to the C-Suite/Senior Leadership? Are you second-guessing the value you bring to the table, even after proving your worth time and time again? Do you catch yourself thinking about constantly failing if you went back to work after having kids? 

You're not the only woman experiencing this.

You are intelligent, you have experience and heart to make a great senior leader. What’s lacking is the ability to believe it; the ability to BE BOLDLY!

A study done at Cornell University found that a high percentage of women underestimate their ability and performance as compared to men who overestimate the same.

Confidence is a skill. 

If you commit to unlearning everything you've been taught about Confidence and wrap your mind around the simple idea that it is indeed a skill that even you can learn, then you're ready to take your career to the next level by following this 5-Step Formula.


“I found out that I have a life outside of my kids. I was so consumed with everything about them that I forgot about myself completely. With this project, Hollis helped me to realize that I was important too and I mattered. What impacted me the most, was learning that by taking care of me first I'm able to be an even stronger mom for my girls.”


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