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Women are very ambitious beings both inside and outside of corporate America. Although research from My Confidence Matters shows that 85% of women with ambitions to reach C-Suite roles are keen to do so, the top three obstacles those women feel prohibit them from doing so included:

A lack of visible internal opportunities

Juggling work-life balance

Confidence in their own abilities

The first obstacle may require you moving to another company but the last two obstacles were why Work Boldly was created.


is designed to help mid-level managers get promoted to senior-level positions without 

sacrificing your family, suppressing your emotions and surrendering to gender biases.


Confidence doesn’t look the same for everyone.


Succeeding in this work will require a commitment to opening your mind to a new way of thinking. Although everyone is coming from a different level of mindset, Work Boldly will slow things down to get you out of your head and action. 


The goal is to connect with self, from purpose to vision in order to gain the skill of confidence and get you promoted. You will to encourage them to “leap” from their gut and mind (instinct/intuition and logic).


Work Boldly is a 12-week confidence and career training & success program for women like yourself who are ready to break the glass ceiling, influence others while building capital, take your chair in the C-Suite without giving up who you truly are.


It’s comprehensive career coaching that’ll walk you through the core steps you need to take to:


Build your Confidence for your “suite success”


Strengthen your entire personal/professional brand


Figure out your “suite sauce” (secret sauce)


Validate your purpose and vision in order to build impact

Negotiate your top salary

8 course modules
A private online
Live group calls
with Hollis
One-on-one coaching
Unlimited email access
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