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Body shaming is something that many of us fall victim to. For quite some time, I was no exception. By recharging my mindset, I started believing that I deserved to appreciate everything about me. My commitment to my coaching journey began the regeneration of my own confidence.


Your deepest goal for love should be to fall in love with everything that you are. Allow yourself to light up this world with the most authentic version of yourself. Your strongest power is your audacity to declare who you are. It's time to show the world your true identity and forever declare your power from your body. With me by your side, you will:

  • Learn important self-care practices to build a positive view of self

  • Honor and love your body at any size, ability or complexity

  • Create a system to combat inner gremlins and live in body empowerment

The B.E. Project

Creating a positive shift in your life, your relationships and/or your career begins with the intentional decision to love yourself and know for certain that you are enough.

The B.E. Project is committed to creating a world where feeling good in your body and loving who you are are more than a wish; it’s possible.

Building your self-confidence, connecting to your body and celebrating the person you are, in every moment, is the journey this 12-week program takes you on. Each convening of the B.E. Project brings together an intimate group of diverse individuals for a growth experience unique to their starting point on the path toward Body Empowerment (B.E.).


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