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Impossible is a powerful word that causes many people not to act or even try to live the life they actually want. Despite the myriad of narratives that push us to believe in the impossible, we fail to believe in the bright nature in our own power. Your belief in yourself is the beginning. Shifting your mindset and pushing past the challenges before you takes courage, a game plan and someone back at home base helping to guide your next steps. In this case, a coach.


As your life coach, I work with you to release your light, the version of yourself that you always hoped could exist. We will get to the core of what your saboteur uses to keep you grounded and develop skills you will use to illuminate your inner self for you to become your impossible.


Together, we will:


  • Identify the overall goals that you have for your life and break them into actionable steps.

  • Get you out of your comfort zone with exercises and assignments that challenge your current existence.

  • Create a plan that sets you up for success even past the completion of your coaching experience.


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