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Journal for Leaders
Executives, Entrepreneurs & The Emerging

Being a leader starts with WITHIN, then expands outward into those who CHOSE YOU.

This journal is 45 days long. Each day you will start the day writing who you will become and end the day
with gratitude. Each day is broken into three different sections:

Journal Section

Take this time in the morning
to pause and think about what is possible as you lead each day. You will be asked to be open, vulnerable
or uncomfortable. Lean into this, go deep, don’t skim it. Write down your thoughts and emotions for
your development as a leader.


Manifest Section

You will also look at current products, services, processes and teams in your business, company, community or household and use the SCAMPER  method toward be(coming) an innovator. This section helps you come up with creative ideas and improve current ones. You get to the choice to draw or write what you want to manifest for each day.


Gratitude Section

This section may be easy for some and
difficult for others to come up with five different things to be grateful for. This does not have to be big
things, it can be the smaller things that you noticed, received or given. You can have gratitude for
yourself, someone else or an experience, just be specific on what you are thankful for. This is done at the end of the day, so you go to bed with joy.

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