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To the person who lost the love for yourself.

About the B.E. Project

Creating a positive shift in your life, your relationships and/or your career begins with the intentional decision to love yourself and know for certain that you are enough.

The B.E. Project is committed to creating a world where feeling good in your body and loving who you are are more than a wish; it’s possible.

Building your self-confidence, connecting to your body and celebrating the person you are, in every moment, is the journey this 12-week program takes you on. Each convening of the B.E. Project brings together an intimate group of diverse individuals for a growth experience unique to their starting point on the path toward Body Empowerment (B.E.).

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Body Empowerment Method

Participants, individually and together go through the Body Empowerment method of

  • Releasing

  • Accepting

  • Connecting

  • Celebration & Confidence


And put into action the 5 Techniques to Connect with your body and self-love:

Adoration is using your internal and external voice for body love, e.g. affirmations, mantras and mirror work. 

Intimacy is using touch for body love. This is where you spend time feeling and knowing your body, e.g. massage, exploration and self pleasure. 

Nourishment is curating the right things that go into your body for body health, e.g. food, body products and meditation. 

Movement is using kinetic energy to ensure flexibility, e.g. dancing, exercise and stretching. 

Adornment is the decoration of your body, e.g. clothes, jewelry, make-up and tattoos. 


The Program Overview

Once selected for the program, each participant goes through 1:1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions. In these sessions, they are encouraged to be vulnerable to address their personal wants, while building a deep camaraderie to uplift the strengths of each other. Everyone is challenged as personal insecurities of how they feel in and out of the clothes they wear and how they look on camera and in photos arise. These experiences coupled with weekly journaling exercises, an intimacy/self pleasure workshop, a professional photo shoot, a storytelling workshop and other activities will be blended together for this new tribe to face the ultimate challenge of publicly sharing their stories in a theatrical performance in front of family and friends at the end of the program.

If learning to love who you are is a priority, apply and sign up for an Spark coaching session/interview today to learn more.

Experiences within this package include:

You and your coach will focus on your personal goals of body empowerment and self love.

Intimate group discussions where the group addresses the external pressures that impact your personal views of self.
As a group, you will go through the Body Empowerment formula of Releasing, Accepting, Connecting, Celebration & Confidence and put into action the 5 Techniques to Connect with your body and self-love: Adoration, Intimacy, Nourishment, Movement and Adornment.

You are guided through paying attention to the power of your clothes. Together, we will go through a section of your wardrobe, as you identify the feelings you literally dress your body in.

With a new appreciation for self and a wardrobe to match, a professional photo shoot is definitely necessary. With a makeup artist, a stylist and your top playlist to get you ready for your model moment, you will recognize the sexy, beautiful and confident new you.

Explore what pleasure and turn on means for you. Play with being seen with sensual practices that honor the intimate journey of celebrating your body.

As you take steps toward a new and confident you, a major part of this transition is about sharing your story. We will develop the script to a production that brings together the stories of each member of your new tribe. The performance shares with your audience your overall journey to becoming the new you! Selected applicants are required to be in New York City during the two selected weekends for in-person activities and performance. For all remote activities, participants must have high-speed internet connection, a computer/tablet/phone with a web camera, good lighting and a Zoom account. Travel, lodging and dining expenses are the sole responsibility of each participant.

*No refunds.

Program Overview

Team Members

Team Members

Certified Coach & HR professional. Hollis creates the space and opportunity for people to ignite their most productive & authentic selves. He is dedicated to shining a light on the voices & stories of others.

Hollis Kam


Whether it's through a written story, spoken word, history or HerStory, Nefertari is the Storyteller that helps your truth be told.

Nefertari Rasaq


Heather Symone

Certified Co-Active Coach, Teacher, graduate of The School of Womanly Arts. Heather's passions include Pleasure Advocacy for Women and encouraging acts of Self-Celebration.


Zakiyah Caldwell

Photographer since 2010. Zakiyah has collaborated with Saks 5th Avenue, Gwen Devoe, Anita Wilson to name a few. Her work can be seen in Philadelphia Wedding, Plus Model, Elle'ments, POSE Magazines.

Catherine Ashly

Visionary behind brands such as Trim Hair & Beauty Boutique, and PlusSizeMePlz. Catherine's goal is to empower everyone who crosses her path and to support them on the journey toward self love.

Corrinn Chishimba ​

Style and Brand Strategist. Corrinn uses wardrobe and words to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create #polishedandprofitable brands.

What They're Saying...


"Loving yourself is the greatest revolution."


“A large part of my life consisted of modeling, so my physical appearance was really important. Childbirth gave me a new body and I didn't see the same woman in the mirror anymore, so my self-confidence took a hit. Working with Hollis really renewed my appreciation for the woman that I am. Now I don't doubt that I still got it, no matter what I look like!”


“I didn’t love myself because I didn’t know what that meant. Through working with Hollis I now know what love is for me. I love the body and skin I’m in and grateful for myself. By working on body confidence, I gained financial stability and clarity in my career because I have more self-esteem. I feel beautiful because my body is beautiful in the way it is right now. I’m now adorning myself because I learned how to do so. I smile more because I know that I’m beautifully and wonderfully made because I am me.”


“This experience helped me build my confidence by allowing me to see it. I performed on stage and accomplished something that I thought I would never do. It was a community; that was important because I was able to step out of my own box and step into NYC and be with other people who are on the same journey. This project will stick with me forever and glad I did it!  ”

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